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PT. Mandiri Raya TangguhPT. Mandiri Raya Tangguh
Automation, Control And Industrial Supply Telpon 021-62200846/ 08129914398 " Omron, Fuji Electric, Mitsubishi, Keyence ,Sick , Sunx , Panasonic , Oriental Motor , Pepperl + Fuchs atc
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Mr. Murianto murianto [Director/CEO/General Manager]


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Y!: loymurianto Y!: loymurianto
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LTC.Glodok Lt.UG Blok.A25 No.3, Jl. Hayam Wuruk No.127 , Jakarta
Jakarta 11180, Jakarta

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Company Info
Registration Date: Mar. 08, 2012, Last Updated: Apr. 15, 2014
Business Nature: Trade of Electronics & Electrical category

Company Brief

PT. Mandiri Raya Tangguh. Our company operates in the field of Electrical Automation equipment to concentrate on Part ( Sensor, proximity, photosensor) , Part PLC, Inverter Control, Part IGBT Inverter, Rectifier, DIODE, and other Part Indutrial ( electrical motor, cable and accessories, lamp and fitting, conection cable, instrument equipment, electrical tools, electrical panel) , starting on April 2014 we are importer and agen for SINEE inverter brand China, that have good quality and economic price. and we give Gurantee for a years

Brand : Omron, Autonics , Hitachi, Mean Well, CKD, SMC, Schneider / Telemecanique/ Merlin Gerin , Hanyoung, ABB, Festo, Oriental Motor, Panasonic , Pepperl + Fuchs , Kasuga , Mitsubishi Electrics , Fuji Electrics, Sunx / Sun-x , Sick , Keyence , siemens , Legrand, Kinogawa, Shihlin Electric, Socomec, hager, Ewig , Idec , Supreme, Lenze, Delta, Sony , Yaskawa , Unitronics , Fuji Seiki , Culter Hammer, Nachi, Nitto Kohki, and other products atc.

Major Products / Services

Seller :
  • Omron
    Photo Sensor
    Proximity Switch
    Touch Switch
    Limit Switch
    Temperatur Controller
    Solid State Relays
    PLC dan Part
    Cable I/ O
    Socket for relays
    Dan masih banyak lagi
  • Sick
    Inductive proximity Switch
    Photoelectric Sensor
    Hi Disctance Sensor
    Cylindrical Electric Sensor
    Dan Product Sick Lainnya
  • Keyence
    Foto Sensor
    Safety Sensor
    Power Supply
    Proximity Switch
    Sensor tekanan
    Fiber Optic
  • Sunx
    Photo Electric
    Digital pressure
    Colour Mark
    Safety Area
    Sensor Control Unit
    Proximity Switch
    Dan Masih banyak lagi
  • Pepperl + Fuchs
    Photoelectric Sensor
    Proximity Switch
    Ultrasonic Sensor
    Cable Interface
    Dan masih banyak lagi
  • Mitshubishi Electrics
    Inverter Dengan Berbagai Series
    PLC / Sparepart Dengan Berbagai Series
    Servo motor Series HF-KP, MP, SP, RP, dan JP
  • Fuji Electrics
    Magnetic Contactor
    Thermal Overload
    Command button
    Proximity Switch
    SSR ( Solid State Relay ), IGBT
    Coolland Pump
  • Panasonic
    Servo Motor Minas A5, A4 Series
    Part PLC
    Proximity Switch
    Magnetic Contactor
    Speed Controller
  • Oriental Motor
    Gear Head
    Induction Motor
    Speed Controller
    Coolling Fan

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